B.YOND Creative Guild is an independent network of creative experts dedicated to creating authentic brand experiences by combining strategy with creativity, logic with magic.

B.YOND expresses who we are, how we approach the world and how we work. We go beyond appearance and simple looks. We craft brands, customers fall in love with. We go beyond surface, beyond rules, beyond paradigm. We research, analyze and explore beyond. We start a journey beyond expectations.

Our Expertise

We offer a full creative service, from analysis and strategy to distinct design concepts, for all industries and formats. In workshops with our clients we identify what is truly special about them, we find the essentials which will make them successful and create a guide for the brand’s design.

Whether it is a new identity, re-brand, launch of a new product or a digital presence, we create clear & strategic design experiences.


  • Brand Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Design
  • Digital Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Sustainable Thinking


B.YOND Creative Guild is born out of the desire to create excellent brand experiences in an inspirational space where there is enough room for evolution, progress and growth. Through our work platform we go beyond old hardened agency structures. We trustfully rely on a network of innovative specialists, who excite, collaborate and inspire each other. Together we push boundaries.
Our approach is questioning and our work strives to clarify purpose and build meaning.
We meet the needs of our clients with fresh thinking. After creating an excellent idea, we develop structured concepts and finally create inventive and impactful solutions to bring the brand and the culture to life.


Beauty – Simplify for clarity. From complex to simple without loosing the essentials.


In a world of constant change people’s needs and desires are changing rapidly. Today’s consumers are  drawn towards brands with an authentic meaning which creates space for personal identification.
Brands need to be thoughtful and human, not just a logo or an appealing colour scheme. Consumers long for „realness” and a reflection of their perspectives and desires. By combining purpose and passion, brand thinking with design and, finally, by infusing heart and soul we develop authentic brand experiences with strong brand voices, engaging a modern audience.


To meet the specific need of each project we work with a carefully selected network of experts.

Founder, Creative Director

Sabine Lenkmann

Sabine began her career in Berlin where she studied Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts. After 13 years working  and living in  Cape Town she moved back to Hamburg where she founded B.YOND Creative Guild. She has worked for a diverse range of global agencies and brands, with clients in Finance, Arts, Communication, Automotive, Non-profit, Food, Health, Education and Energy. Her adventurous spirit led her to live in several countries. This multicultural experience is the source of Sabine’s inspiration as well as a vast pool of influences in design. Her ambition is based on a desire to create high-end meaningful design by cutting through complexity to get finally to simple beauty.

Business sectors and clients


Woolworths Retail Chain SA
Stecco Natura Ice
One Juice
FRY’S Vegan Food
Nala Premium Wines
Namib Mills


MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping
HBC Hamburg Bulk Carriers
PHL Poulsen HBC Line
NCL Norwegian Cruise Line


LED Lighting SA
Longboard World
Apollo Longboards


Werth & Partner Lawyers
Schertz Bergmann Lawyers
CMC – Christian Möller Consulting


Sizwe Africa IT Group
Osino Resources Gold Exploration
One Eighty – Engineering Solutions


Ocean12 Guesthouse
Travessia Beach Lodge Mozambique
Mondo Travel
Y Yachts Michael Schmidt Yachtbau


Nivea Beiersdorf
Labello Beiersdorf


Kulturforum Berlin
World Design Capital 2014
Gerhart Bergmann Artist
Talia Sanhewe Picture Studio


Yabonga Children’s Project
St Martini Pre-Primary Cape Town
St Martini Lutheran Church Cape Town